Biax in the Lab

CUrrent Research Projects

My current research revolves around building software and hardware to address scientific and engineering problems. I've worked in the field, constructed numerical models, and spent a lot of time in the lab, but I'm most interested in collecting and displaying data in new and novel ways to solve practical problems. In broad terms, my current research interests are:

  • Data collection software structures and metadata best practices
  • Web data interfaces
  • Data Visualization Methodologies
  • Low Cost Geophysical Sensor Deployment
  • Internet of Things Devices
  • Citizen Science Project Design

Past Research Projects

  • Rock/Fracture Mechanics
  • Radiation from Material Failure
  • Ice/Ice and Ice/Rock Friction and Electrical Properties
  • Laser/Ultrasonic Mapping of Caves
  • Gas Hydrate Formation/Dissociation Kinetics
  • Production from Gas Hydrate Reservoirs
  • Neutron Diffraction Investigation of Clathrates
  • Spacecraft Telemetry Visualization/Analysis Software Development
  • Neural Network Recognition of Wildfires from Spacecraft Imagery
  • Recording and Analysis of Electromagnetic Signals from Severe Storms and Tornadoes