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Constellation Cut?

With the release of the proposed budget science education saw a nice boost in funding, but science programs saw cuts. NASA was one of the most hurt agencies. This was simply upsetting as we know how weak we are as a nation when it comes to science. (I've often been scared when visiting a medical doctors office and hearing the doctors confession of barely making it through calculus one.)

Constellation was supposed to get space exploration back on our minds and provide more technological advancements. Many of the modern items we enjoy have their roots in the space program. Our technology has also advanced greatly since the 60's and 70's. The computer on the Apollo missions ran at a whole 2MHz and would shudder if it met a modern graphing calculator, or my iPhone which is over 300 times more powerful! (And about 69.9 pounds less in weight)
Please read, modify, and send the letter below to your representative! Unless you are also a student on a PhD track you might want to change that bit, but otherwise you could use it pretty much unmodified if you wish.