Below are links to various resources, data centers, and various websites.

Programming Resources

Code Academy - An excellent way to learn how to code. - Another excellent way to learn how to code.
Launch This Year - Create your app in the year.
Riker Ipsum - Create good fake text as a space filler.
Beginners resources for many languages

Useful Apps (iOS/Mac/Linux)

Epicentral - Earthquake monitoring for iOS by Dr. Charles Ammon
Textastic - An excellent new code editor for iOs and Mac. It's being improved all the time.
TextWrangler/BBEdit - Great code editors.
RadarScope - Dual Pol enabled weather radar displace for Mac/iOS/Android
Dr. Charles Ammon Software - Software to display real time wave forms, perform moment tensor estimation and others.
Papers App. - Organize scientific papers for Mac/iOS/Windows

Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) Resources

Graphs and Maps Tutorial (Purdue, Eric Calais)
Ben Horner-Johnson's GMT & Geophysics Links
GMT Documentation

Design/Graphics Resources

Colour Blind Simulator - See your work though the eyes of a colorblind person.
We Are Color Blind - A website with resources for designing graphics and sites for the color blind.
Movies in Color - Color palettes from movie stills.

Interesting Blogs/Vlogs

99% Productivity Blog
Five Gallon Ideas - So many ways to use a typical five gallon bucket.
Numberphile - Videos about math and numbers, very good stuff.
Terry Tao - The research blog of Terry Tao, technical math.
Empirical Zeal - An interesting science blog by Aatish Bhatia
Minute Physics - Video explanations of fun concepts and questions.
Vsauce - Explanations of science and other things.

Hardware, Sensors, and Microcontrollers

Automation Direct
RaspberryPi Embedded Computer
Parallax Microcontrollers
Omega Sensors, Measurement, and Control
National Instruments
Micro-Measurements - Strain gauge supplier
Trans-Tek Inc. - Displacement transducers.
HBM - Load, strain, torque, DAQ, and Signal Conditioning.

Ebook Resources

Project Gutenberg
The National Academies Press
Hathi Trust Digital Library
Google Books
Springer Link - Avaliable with most academic library subscriptions.
Free eBook Guide


Khan Academy - free classes online.
Lynda - great online classes, avaliable through many universities for no charge.