Setting Up Equipment - Field Camp 2

The past few days have been working to get a solid radio link to downtown.  The internet signal comes up on a 5.8GHz link, is distributed over a 5.12GHz mesh around the camp, and is repeated to others on a 3GHz haul over the canyon.  Below is a picture of the stack at the top of the camp on the study hall.  The repeaters are mounted on the sides of cabins.  The current link is slow, but a new circuit will be installed downtown giving us a fast connection this week.  Also included is a picture of the geophysics server (named thor) and the associated gear.

We also worked on setting up the thumper.  This is a machine that attaches to a trailer hitch of any vehicle (truck, ATV, etc) and impacts the ground with a great force.  We use this in seismic imaging.  Normally we use a sledgehammer for small surveys, but that can get tiring.  For large, deep surveys explosives are used, this machine is a great middle ground.

As you can see there is still some work to be done.  Tomorrow the hitch will be modified and in the evening I'll be building some custom brackets and mounts for the controls and battery with Dr. Keranen.  We'll use aluminium angle iron to build most of the mounts, pictures will follow.

Tomorrow we all leave early for a regional trip to get the general geological/tectonic setting of the area.  This trip will be both geologists and geophysicists.

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