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I've had a few requests to list the podcasts that I'm listening to. In addition, Elecia and company over at Embedded.fm compiled a list recently as well, so I'm hopping on the bandwagon. If you haven't tried listening to the Don't Panic Geocast that I co-host, I would highly recommend it, but I'm biased! These shows are listed alphabetically and span a variety of topics. I will come back and periodically update this list as I discover new shows and mark discontinued shows as such. Please feel free to recommend any you think I have missed!

2 responses to “Podcasts I'm Listening To

  1. Hey John,
    This post was the excuse I needed to try keeping a blog again. Thanks! So I wrote my own podcast suggestions: http://www.leouieda.com/blog/podcasts-2016.html
    Nice that we don't have many in common so I get a lot of new ones to try out.

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