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Teaching Field Camp - Starry Nights

The geophysics students have given their final presentations and gone home.  I'll be finishing up a couple of posts (mostly waiting on graphics) about their last weeks of work and a few interesting study areas, but for now we will break from geology.  The geologists will be doing geophysics for the next few days (hence I'll still be in Cañon City), but now I'll have slightly more free time to do some photo experiments!

Saturday night another TA rushed in to tell me that the milky way was out and nicely visible.  I grabbed my camera, but sadly the moon was rising and it was hard to get great shots.  The wind was gusty, but a moon shot turned out okay, and we staged a photo with the dining hall, OU vans, and star trails.  Look for more geology posts in the next few days before I depart for my desert loop on the way to Arkansas.